Asgard Slots

Home of the lords of the sky and earth in Nordic mythology, Asgard was just one of 9 worlds. Oh - but what a world it was, as Odin and Thor sat there and oversaw creation. In ode to the Norse, Real Time Gaming has introduced a great theme with lightning bolts and a thunderstorm framing it. In the foreground stands the Allfather Odin, his sons Thor and Loki, and his daughter Freya - Thor’s wife. The slot, itself, has 5 reels and a huge 243 ways to win, along with Free Spins that number up to 30 if the chips fall where they may correctly.

Asgard Slots is big on animations; the game has all sorts of characters moving about and unfurling their signature moves from the mythology. There’s Thor with his hammer Mjolnir, and Odin with his eight-legged steed, Sleipnir. Loki’s mother was the giantess Angrboda, and she’s a monster symbol on the reels. Freya has a slender sword that could cut through reinforced granite with but a flick of her slender but mighty wrist. She plays a crucial role in getting you to the Valhalla Bonus Round Feature. The warrior is the definition of a strong and independent woman.

As for some of the things you can expect to win, hold onto your hats: there’s a so-called Goddess Feature. If it graces the screen, it will bestow 15 Free Spins into your present game. The Thunder God Feature is yet another one of the goodies; it will grant you multiple Multipliers as well as 25 Free Spins for use in the current round and beyond. The Valhalla Feature we spoke of earlier is also there, and a Loki’s Magic Round creeps into last place with a not inconsiderable 20 Free Spins and more Wild symbol wins.

You may be one of the first players to try out Asgard Slots; it is steeped in Norse lore and a whole lot of fun. Download it today and play for real cash at your favorite online casino here.