Bulls and Bears Slots

Sometimes you don’t need or want an overly flashy game, you just want a super solid experience that will keep your finger spinning the reels and your wallet gaining weight. Bulls and Bears Slots is one of the most grounded and fun to play slot game to break into the industry. Harkening back to a time when creators focused on gameplay over aesthetic, this is the slot game to keep your eye on. With a strong cartoon theme and some eye-grabbing symbols like a bear, a broker, the bull, a chart, a financier, a stack of cash, gold bars, a red sports car, standard bars, stock bonds, a safe, and of course a yacht, Bulls and Bears Slots has its style locked down.

The Nitty Gritty of Bulls and Bears Slots

Bulls and Bears Slots is a 5 reel 25 payline progressive video slot game with coin sizes ranging between $0.01 to $1, $2.50, and high-rolling $5. Wagers range between $.25 to a max bet of $125. Unlike rustic games of old, this game comes packed with a fully customizable autoplay feature.

Special Symbols

The bull and the bear symbols are wilds in this game; either symbol will substitute for any other symbol and the bull is found on Reel 2 while the bear is found solely on reel 4. To top it off, any win with a wild will doubled and if you score both the bear and the bull in a single payline win you’ll get 4x the amount.

The chart symbol is the scatter symbol. If the bull or bear help to add to your scatter quantity, the win will be doubled! If you’re lucky enough to get both and the bull and the bear on the reels with the chart symbol your prized will be quadrupled up to 400x your wager!

Buy-sell Free Games Feature

What separates Bulls and Bears Slots from its competitors is a powerful and fun free spin game mode that is triggered when you land three or more chart scatter symbols in a spin. In the new mode, you’ll be prompted to choose between the bear or the bull wild symbols and each time your chosen symbol appears in the subsequent spins you’ll be awarded an additional free game. All wins are tripped in the Buy-Sell Free Games mode!

Progressive Jackpots

Bulls and Bears slots has two random progressive jackpots easily known as the Major and the Minor. Since the jackpots are random, you never know what can come out of even a losing spin.

A Strong Slot Game

If you’re looking for a great slot game with great features, a fun design, and entertaining gameplay, it’s time to start spinning the reels at Bulls and Bears Slots!