1. Apollo Slots Casino ("the company") is an interactive gaming website ("the website").

2. The use of the website is restricted to individuals of legal age who are resident in a jurisdictional area where the use of the company's website is not prohibited by law in such jurisdictions.

3. The company provides on its website games for consideration or as otherwise provided.


1. Any person (i.e. natural, juristic, partnership or trust) ("the player") using the games/software on the company's website agrees and warrants that he/she has read the terms and conditions contained herein and further agrees to be bound by the following:

1.1. It is recommended you may only participate in any gambling events if it is legal for you to do so according to the laws that apply in the jurisdiction from where you are connecting or calling. You must understand and accept that we are unable to provide you any legal advice or assurances.

1.2. The player understands that he/she may play games either free of charge or for a consideration;

1.3. The player warrants that he/she does not find any of the games and/or services provided on the company's website offensive, objectionable, unfair or indecent;

1.4. The player warrants that he/she shall not hold the company, its employees, its officers, its directors, its licensees, its distributors, its wholesalers, its affiliates, its subsidiaries, its advertising and/or promotion agencies, its media partners, its agents and/or retailers liable in any way, arising from any cause whatsoever.

1.5. The player shall and does fully indemnify the company and the companies aforesaid from any and all costs, expenses, liabilities and damages of whatsoever nature which may arise as a result of a player:

1.5.1. accessing, using or re-using the company's website and/or services provided thereon;

1.5.2. the use of any materials and/or products of the company's website;

1.5.3. accessing, using, re-using of the company's website and/or server;

1.5.4. the accessing, using, re-using and participation in any game whether for consideration or not provided for by the company on the company's website;

1.5.5. the acceptance of any prize, consideration or payout to the player, and/or;

1.5.6. for any transaction concluded by the player and/or the company;

1.6. The player warrants that he/she shall not participate in any of the games or services provided by the company, access, use or re-use any account which may be held by the player with the company, access the website of the company, nor will the player accept any prize or deposit with the company and consideration if the player does not fully understand, agree to and become a party to the terms and conditions as contained herein;

1.7. The player warrants that he/she shall abide by all the rules, regulations, terms and conditions contained herein and on the company's website without exception;

1.8. The player warrants that he/she is fully aware that the terms and conditions as contained herein and the rules and regulations in respect thereof may change from time to time. The player further warrants that it is his/her responsibility to establish from time to time any such changes;

1.9. The player warrants that he/she is solely responsible for any and all account transactions concluded with the company;

1.10. The player warrants that he/she will keep his/her account information confidential and not divulge any such confidential information to third parties;

1.11. In the event that a player's account information and confidential information ("information") in relation thereto (e.g. access codes, passwords, credit cards or banking details and the like) should become known to any third party, whether or not the player is aware thereof, the player indemnifies the company and will not hold the company liable for any losses or damages as a result thereof. The player further indemnifies the company without exception should the player incur any loss, damage or any liability, either towards the company or any other person as a result of confidential information being divulged or becoming known to any third party irrespective as to how such information is divulged or acquired by any third party;

1.12. All customer data will be treated confidential and will not be sold to others.

1.13. The Company will not report any information regarding players' transactions, save in circumstances where it is obliged to do so in law; We reserve the right to report any criminal or suspicious activity to the appropriate law enforcement agency.

1.14. Any player applying for an account which would entitle a player to access and engage in games and/or services provided for by the company for monetary consideration, the player hereby unequivocally authorizes the company and/or its agents to investigate the creditworthiness of the player and furthermore to:

1.14.1. investigate the validity of accounts, transactions and details in regard thereto;

1.14.2. monitor the account on a regular basis;

1.14.3. investigate any transactions, which may in the opinion of the company be irregular.

1.14.4. Request information or documentation as is required to validate information as supplied by the account holder.

1.15. The Company reserves the right to withhold winnings and void wagers if a Player manipulates the games in a fraudulent manner or the software itself malfunctions

1.16. The player hereby gives the company the right and authority to audit a player's account as and when it is deemed necessary in the opinion of the company, which shall include and not be limited to the changing of the account information and the auditing of any financial transactions in respect of the account.

1.17. In the event that an audit as aforesaid reveals that the player's account reflects charges for irregular financial transactions, unauthorized bonus use and/or the recovery of any financial institution from time to time, the company may adjust the player's account accordingly and a decision of the company's accounts department for such charge and/or adjustments in respect thereof is final and binding on the player;

1.18. The player warrants that only one active account will be held with the company by a player, his/her immediate family or per household address and that the physical address and e-mail address provided by the player will be a valid physical address and a valid e-mail address;

1.19. The company reserves the right to impose at its discretion any further limits as it may deem necessary in respect of accounts originating from environments where computers are shared (for example university campuses, internet café's, etc);

1.20. Financial considerations due to players by the company will only be paid to players having one active account with a valid physical address and valid e-mail address as aforesaid, Such accounts will be required to have completed the account verification process. For this purpose the company may request certain documentation or information from the account holder in order to validate account information as supplied by the account holder;

1.21. In the event that a player, his immediate family or household's address has more than one active account with the company, provide any incorrect details and/or credit card details which do not correctly match the account details, all considerations due to the player and to be paid by the company will be cleared from the account(s) of the player, his/her immediate family or household of such player, unless an alternative arrangement between the player and the company has been entered into in writing and agreed upon;

1.22. In the event that a player defrauds the company, misrepresents any material fact or information or acts in any way prejudicial to the company, the company reserves the right to close any such player's account and all financial considerations which may be due to the player by the company will be forfeited forthwith.

1.23. All players, account holders, any persons accessing, using, re-using the company's website, games and/or services provided thereon by the company hereby warrant that they have read aforesaid terms and conditions, that they understand the content thereof, agree to be bound thereby and that they engage in any and all transactions whether for monetary consideration or not with the company at their own risk and will not hold the company liable for any loss or damage which they may sustain, from any cause whatsoever."

1.24. All Casino accounts that are inactive for a 180 day period will be deemed to be inactive and any balance in such accounts will be forfeited to the Company.

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