Food Fight Slots

Food Fight Slots is an engaging meeting of vintage appeal and youthful exuberance in this 5 reel, 9 pay-line video slots game from RealTime Gaming. You’ll see why there is no need to re-invent the reel, as the game really gets back to the basics and does them just right. The Food Fight Slots interface is effectively simple, allowing you to get right into the spin of it from the get go. Pick the pay-lines, choose your coins from 5c to $5, place your bet and get the wheels turning. Food Fight Slots isn’t about cutting-edge graphics or the latest in gameplay innovation, it’s about getting to the win using the strategy that suits you best. Do you put it all on the line, or are do you grind out your margin? Food Fight Slots caters for all types, so if you want to test out a different play-style, Food Fight Slots certainly allows the options you could be looking for.

Pick, Spin, & Win

Once you’ve taken the seconds to get the hang of the normal gameplay within Food Fight Slots, there’s also the bonus games to start looking out for, where you need to match 3 ingredients of either an ice cream cone (with chocolate sauce no less), or a cream pie (with a cherry on top). The ice cream offers an oh so sweet bonus on your Max Bet, and the pie actually starts up a fun mini game where you toss pies at various characters. Aim carefully now, because the more you hit the more you win.

Leave Your Manners at the Door

The charm lies in the retro styling, a bright colour palette and those instantly recognisable classic video slot sounds, all played out on an intuitive interface that is delightfully retro and takes nothing away from the gameplay itself. The bonus games give a good balance against the normal spins, and the 9 pay-line options allows for a versatility of playing styles that should leave most types of player satisfied. While it might not keep you spinning into the long-term, if you’re looking for a change of pace, leave your manners at the door, because Food Fight Slots is better than most. And, take it from me, it will kick-start your appetite.