Frog Fortunes Slots

A brand new release from RealTime Gaming, Frog Fortunes is a leap ahead of the rest in gameplay through it's innovative use of exploding Frog Bombs and Cascading Wins reels, in a slot machine designed for the more careful type of player out there.

Leaps Ahead Gameplay

The reason Frog Fortunes appeals to the risk-management type of player is in it's low variance, which also gives it a low maximum payout. However, If you are prepared to put in the time, this combination coupled to a solid strategy can lead to a sizeable increase in your bankroll.

As can be expected, the game offers a standard 5 by 3 reels to spin, which are different in this case through the use of with hexagonal shaped icons, giving the player the typical 243 ways to win seen on other online slot machines.

Low Risk, Low Reward?

With the jackpot only paying 150 times the stake, this probably the game's biggest downfall, but is countered by the low volatility. Is that enough though for players above the casual level though? Only time, and you giving it a go, will tell.

Vibrant & Verdant

Thematically, Frog Fortunes takes slot players into the rainforest. It's in the jungle where you find many of the most interesting frog species, so Jungle it is, and rightly so! The background is verdant and the color palette vibrant, making this online slot machine a real treasure to play. The SFX and music of Frog Fortunes also suits the theme and motif of the game exceptionally well which, combined with the striking graphics and fun gameplay, makes for an engaging and pleasant experience.

The line-up of symbols is distinct as well. The low-paying symbols have gems of varied colors instead of card ranks, which is a great change. The high value icons on the other hand have animal idols as their unique identifiers which makes for an easy to remember ranking system once you've settled in for the game. Overall, RTG managed to get it absolutely right in terms of graphics here.


As a brand new game for October 2024, Frog Fortunes does have a lot to live up to in competition from the RTG stable, where solid gameplay, a low risk betting environment, and exceptional graphics all combine against the low paying jackpot, to give Frog Fortunes a 3.5 out of 5 Ribbets.