I, Zombie Slots

In the month of October, the most popular special day - one would not really call it a holiday since it's not like working people and school children get a day off - occurs at the very end of the month on the 31st. Halloween is a time of spookiness, candy, and good cheer for the kids in the neighborhood; slot maker extraordinaire Real Time Gaming seeks to make a special time for adults, too. I, Zombie Slots is a 5 reel bonus video slot that has an expansive 25 pay lines. Quite obviously, the theme is one of the ghouls and monsters of Halloween Day; and the many costumes on the reels are varied and reflective the kinds of things that people where to show their inner hero or inner monster.

This decidedly horror-themed video slot is not for the faint of heart; although the graphics are well rendered enough to make you forget the excitement and frightfulness of the characters. It's available for Instant Play at the online gaming casino of your choice. By all accounts, the I, Zombie Slots is is based on a somewhat obscure, book series that did manage to find some success early on. Real Time Gaming apparently is seeking to take you to new heights with this ravishing the made video slot with the cinematic graphics.

So what exactly is the storyline behind I, Zombie Slots? It's about a team of purple skinned women wearing their Halloween costumes and going around eating brains in order to boost their naturally low IQ. As you would expect, this is us pretty simple route to making changes - and were pretty sure it won't work. Nonetheless, the dumb girls are on their way to make mincemeat of your skull to access the gem inside - especially if you're a guy. Although there are 25 pay lines available, you can reduce the number of them that you play in order to sue your playing style. All the symbols pay in the left to right direction when a winning combination manifests itself; the Scatter symbol, however pays in both the left to right direction and the right to left direction.

The Scatter symbol is represented by the mirror and the Wild symbol is represented by the I, Zombie Slots game emblem. The wild will replace any other symbol - except for the scattered mirror - in order to help you complete a winning pay line and unleash the attendant cash payout. If you get five zombie wild symbols on the reels at the same time, then the payout is 2500 coins; if you get for of a kind then you win 500 coins; for three of a kind of the I, Zombie Slots game emblem icon you win 200 coins, and for two of a kind you get 10 coins. On the other hand for five of a kind of the scatter symbol you win 200 coins; for four scattered mirror symbols you get 10 coins, and for three scatter mirrors on the reels at the same time you win two coins.

The paying symbols are very attractive for obvious reasons. Let's start with the first one; it is a symbol of a kung fu master Halloween costume symbol and for five of a kind of this you win 1250 coins; for four kung fu master costumes you win 250 coins, for three of a kind of this symbol you get 100 coins, and for two of a kind you win five coins. The next high paying symbol is a sexy ninja girl and emerald dress; for five of a kind she pays out 1000 coins, for four of a kind she get you 100 coins, three of a kind you win 20 coins, and for two emerald dress wearing babes you win three coins.

There are no poker symbols in I, Zombie Slots; the low paying symbols are instead as follows: first of all you got a bona fide ghoul, and five of a kind grant you a 500 coin win; for four ghouls you win 50 coins, for three of the symbols you get 15 coins, and for two ghouls you win two coins. The final paying symbol looks like a golden bell with a red ribbon; for five of a kind you get 250 coins, for four of a kind you and 40 coins, for three of a kind you get 10 coins, and for two of a kind you get two coins.

If you can get three scattered mirror symbols to show up anywhere on the gameboard, then you activate the I, Zombie Slots Free Games Bonus Feature. If you are equally is lucky to get a single Wild symbol and a single Scatter symbol, then the game rewards you with two extra plays for free. Landing even more scattered mirrors can lead to upwards of six free games and many more chances at the jackpots in the real money version of the game. Although there's not a distinct jackpot is an traditional video slots, this one does payouts up to 7500 times whatever you put down on the active pay line. Quite simply, don't let this Halloween catch you unawares; I, Zombie Slots is a good bet to enliven your nights - whether you play for free or for real money.