Lucha Libre Slots

When sports are concerned, you would be hard-pressed to find a more popular one in the great country of Mexico than freestyle wrestling. Perhaps this is why the major online slots games maker Real Time Gaming is invested so much in Lucha Libre Slots, which takes place on a 5 x 3 grid and has enough paylines to make it worth your while. The symbols on the reels cover all the basics of a great time at the wrestling arena for the fans, with mainstays like nachos, chilli peppers, beer, and more. The primary characters are the wrestlers Guacamolio and Taco Malo, and they feature strongly in all the best awards possible.

Once you start playing, you’ll have access to the tremendous features for which this slot is know: there’s the Time to Rumble Feature that has the potential to unleash the biggest cash prizes, there’s the Wrestling Mask Scatter symbol that pays out in the real money games, there’s the Wrestling Ring Wild symbol that substitutes for every other symbol except for the Scattered Masks to help you complete a winning payline, and lastly there’s the Mask of Flamed Doom Feature. The perks are considerable in Lucha Libre Slots, and you won’t be disappointed in how much fun you’ll have playing it.

As a mobile-friendly game, we recommend playing it on your smaller iPad or Android tablet screen to ratchet up the graphical display to top levels. It runs crisply and without any lag, so that you can enjoy the spinning reels non-stop as long as you have an internet or Wifi connection. Play for fun, or download the casino software to put down as little as 0.1 cent per spin on each and every payline to maximize your luck. The prizes can vary, of course, such as the 100 coins you can take upon spinning the taco-fueled reels, or the 125 coins available to the lucky player using the guacamole and tequila symbols. The newspaper symbol is worth quite a bit for five of a kind, too - to the tune of 250 coins, in fact. The most valuable one on the game is the Champion belt and cups icon, which is worth an amazing 1,000 coins for five of a kind on the game board.

As promised, the Scatter symbol also delivers if the right quantity and arrangement comes up. Wrestlers Guacamolo and Taco Malo might dominate the third reel if you’re lucky, and in so doing deliver a Scatter win of 25x your starting bet in the real cash version of the game. Five Wrestling Ring icons gets you 200x your bet, and just two fewer rings unveils the Time to Rumble Feature with great applause. Play this slot today to uncover the free games and other opportunities to win cash and prizes - if nothing else, it’s a fun spin in the world of Mexican wrestling.