Mid-Life Crisis Slots

Everyone seems to have one, but not everyone admits to it. The Mid-Life crisis affects people in many ways whether it is the man who buys himself a motor bike or it is the man who goes sailing around the world or the man who buys himself a bright red sports car. This five reel nine payline slots game includes many symbols from the mid-life crisis that every man eventually has. Players can try out this game in fun mode but will not be able to win anything, especially the progressive jackpot that is won when landing a certain number of symbols.

Betting Options and Bonus Payouts Including the Progressive Jackpot Win

Players can place one, two, three, four or five coins per spin. The player can choose coin sizes of up to $100 per coin giving a maximum bet of $500 per spin. The maximum payout is the jackpot, awarded when players land five of the red sports on any payline having placed a five coin bet. In addition, three or more of the ladies on screen award the player a chance for an extra bonus where the player is invited to pick his lady and win a cash bonus payout. This game is not only fun and rewarding but also very personal for every player who has or at some time will go through the mid life crisis.