Nova7s Slots

Nova 7s Slots is every space fan’s dream, if they dreamt about it in slot form. Combining great bonus features with top quality artwork and a theme that may be unique to the game, Nova 7s Slots is an experience like no other, in a good way. This is a quality slot that even people that do not like slots will likely appreciate. If you have a found love of space and inventiveness, you should do yourself a favor and give Nova 7s Slots a spin today.


Space! Stars! And Stuff! All of these things and more are at the heart of what makes Nova 7s Slots tick. Although people really into the theme will likely appreciate the intricacies of what is on offer here, that description will sum it up for the rest of us that only look up at the stars at night in awe every once in a while without knowing what everything is called. There are other space themed slots, but we cannot recall another that took the specific types of things found out there and made it into a thing, which we appreciate.


Nova 7s Slots is a pretty game in all ways. Even if you do not like space, or care, you will appreciate that time and attention paid to making this game look stellar and great. The graphics here are crisp, clear, colorful, and compelling, featuring an extreme attention to detail that you are unlikely to find almost anywhere else. Little meteors can be see rushing across the surface of moons, each galaxy cluster and super nova is intricately rendered, and every planet looks interesting enough to land on and say hello. They went all out in this game, and you will appreciate it with every spin.

It should also be said that this extends all the way to the UI of the game, which is deeply appreciated. They took the time to make it rendered in a similar style as the reels themselves, rather than leaving it looking like a sore afterthought. If all slot makers did this, we would be a lot happier players.


A 5 reel slot with 25 pay lines, Nova 7s Slots does not deviate far from the norm in the fundamentals, but does spice things up with some bonus features available during the gameplay. Specifically, these are the Nova 7, Supernova 7, and Hypernova features. These add extra wilds and multipliers. This is certainly not unique to this game, but the way it is done likely feels fresher here than it does elsewhere given the theme and the way they are presented. It makes it all feel alive and fun, where as most slots make it seem like a last minute addition to otherwise stale gameplay.


+ Great theme + Wonderful graphics + Gameplay has enough features to keep it interesting


- Not much. It is great and you should play it


Even if you are not a fan of space, or oddly named slots, you will likely fall in love with Nova 7s Slots the more you play it. It is a marvel to behold, shows a clear love for the subject matter, and has production values that put most slots to shame. Everything about the slot is well done, and the only real fault we can find in it is that—much like all slots—we do not always win. Still, we can recommend this game to anyone interested in stars and money. It is a great game that was well executed and only gets better the longer you look at it and admire it. Play it today, and you will not regret it.