PayDirt! Slots

The gold rush did not work out for most that ventured West way back when it began, but PayDirt! Slots delivers where that movement did not. With a cute old Western looks and solid gameplay mechanics, PayDirt! Slots is well suited for both short and long play sessions, as well as for players of all ages. Anyone looking to strike it big without picking up a shovel and chisel would do well to pick this one up and give it a try.


PayDirt! Slots harkens back to a side of the Wild West that is often remembered but never imitated. Making the analogy to digging for gold and getting dirty in the process, PayDirt! Slots has themes of hard work, striking it big, and looking a little tattered in the process. Something about this goes really well with what players themselves are doing in the slot as they play. It is an odd analogy for a game based on Vegas reels, but it works, and it works really well, feeling both endearing and fitting.


Everything in PayDirt! Slots looks cute, cartoony, and has a bit of character to it. This makes for a very enjoyable experience that would otherwise have been a fairly standard and bland affair. Players will find themselves matching things like miners, dogs, donkeys, bandits, mining carts, dynamite, pick axes, and lanterns. Everything at play is very well known and accessible, but the rendering of it takes it a step further, making it feel heartwarming as well.

The clean, clear, and crisp graphics are not exactly high production value, but that also manages to lend a bit to its charm.


There really is not anything about PayDirt! Slots that has not been done before. It is a 5 reel, 25 play line slot that could easily find its home on almost any platform. The endearing quality of its graphics and the full suite of what works from other games, however, serves here to make for an enjoyable time that is both accessible and addicting if you give it a chance. With decent multipliers, scatters, and a progressive jackpot, the core goal of winning money and having a good time is definitely achieved, even if it is not done in a very innovative way.

The real draw here are the Gold Rush, Gold Fever, and Strike it Lucky events. They award players with 12 free spins, golden reels to match, and gold mines, respectively. This does add a bit of flair to things and keeps with the 'gold rush' theme of the game. Given the context, it does somewhat feel like you suddenly have an opportunity to strike it rich, and all players will be more than happy to take it.


+ Fitting theme + Endearing graphics + Nice bonus events and features + Accessible


- Fairly standard gameplay for the most part - Not the highest production values


PayDirt! Slots is a solid game based on a fitting theme that will tug at your heart strings and adrenaline a bit through its combination of loving graphic qualities and rush mechanics that fit well with the overall package. There is not much that most players will not like here, but at the same time, there is not anything that is going to wow you, either. Still, it is a solid game with a decent payout that is well worth anyone's time. We give it our wholehearted recommendation, particularly if you are a fan of the Wild West, the era, or are otherwise sick of what tends to be the standard themes in the current slot market.