Pirate Isle Slots

Pirate Isle Slots is an odd mix of 3d graphics and classic themes that plays well, but is a little rough around the edges. The production values are through the roof and the gameplay is stellar, however, which earns it a place in our hearts. If you are a fan of pirates, loot, booty, and all else monetarily inclined, then you will have a good time with this game. The art style may be a little off putting to some, but we personally like it, as we are big pirate fans. This might also explain our love of money. If any of this sounds appealing to you, and you really like pirate films, you will have a good time here. We recommend this game to most people, with our only misgiving about it being the slightly obtuse art style in some respects that we still acknowledge is well done.


Pirates! Money! Loot! That is what Pirate Isle Slots is all about, which should come as no surprise. The main draw of the game here is that slightly grungy look that is authentically associated with the genre. This may rub some players the wrong way, and others will love it. The only way to find out if you will love it is to try it, but we feel most players will appreciate all that is going on here.


This is a 3d rendered game that a lot of time and money clearly went into. Everything about it took a lot of time and care to produce, and it shows. The monkey even looks like he has individually styled here, which is not what we would usually expect of a primate. This is also the source of the somewhat polarizing nature of the game, however.

Pirate Isle Slots using a certain sort of texturing style that makes things look a little stiff and dirty. This, combined with some of the things this style is used to depict—like cleavage—can make for an at times odd fit. The way it comes across on some things still looks nice, but on the whole, it has a grungy sort of look that is somewhat at odds with the whimsy they were trying to create in the way many things were rendered. We still think it works well enough, but can see why some people might not find this all that appealing to look at compared to some slicker alternatives.


This is where Pirate Isle Slots earns its sea lots. There is the Pirate’s Treasure Jackpot, the Broadside Feature that has you making extra bets when the Galleons roll round, and other things that will keep things interested during your stay. A 5 reel slot with 25 pay lines makes it fairly standard in other areas, but there is enough character to it all to keep things interesting when these new modes are added.


+ High production values + Nice theme + Funny sense of character in each tile + Jackpots + Galleons showing up to allow for extra betting


- Little grungy - Gameplay is standard otherwise


Pirate Isle Slots is a great game with a lot going for it. It stands head and shoulders above most slots due to the 3d rendering and time that went into that, as well as the slight gameplay tweaks to keep things interesting. This all comes at a cost, however, in how the game looks and plays. It all feels a little grungy, which makes for a polarizing style that will not rub everyone the right way. We do feel it will rub most people in a pleasant way, however, which is why we still recommend everyone giving this game a try.