Popinata Slots

Popinata Slots
Popinata Slots is what happens when a piñata party decides to spew out money instead of candy. Featuring wonderful graphics with clever designs and standard gameplay mechanics, this is a game that does just enough to keep you interested, and never manages to outstay its welcome. There may be no other games like this in the entire genre, making it a gem for that reason alone. If any of this sounds appealing to you, or you did the art style as much as we do, we recommend skipping this review and giving Popinata Slots a try right now. Only money can come of it.


Everybody has tried batting blindly at a piñata at one time on their life, usually when they are small enough that missing won’t result in anyone getting seriously hurt. Popinata Slots picks up this thread, and turns the entire thing into a party in slot form. It cannot be overstated how festive this game looks. Even in typing this review, I feel like there is a birthday party going on somewhere that needs piñatas like these at it.


This is where Popinata Slots shines, and brightly at that. Everything about the game is fit almost for a Pixar movie. That graphics are well rendered, bright, colorful, clear, and compelling. It is hard not to feel good looking at them, and many of them are authentically inventive on top of that. Typical piñata mainstays like horses and related things make an appearance, but they may have made the first piñata taco the world has ever seen. The game is a delight to look at, and we cannot help but feel that whoever drew it did so with a smile on their face and a party in their heart.

The only downside to the graphics is that they are done so well that the UI of the game looks like a relative afterthought. It is not as bad as some slots, but it would have been nice if they had made a few more graphics on the UI front to go along with the breathtaking artwork found within.


There is not much about Popinata Slots that is not standard in the gameplay department, which is not necessarily a bad thing. The headlining features here are triggering a Wild Re-spin, but it is not anything to write home about. There are only 10 pay lines for this 5 reel slot on top of that, so there is not as much going on as a standard slot, either. Coins here range from a cent to ten cents, which is on the lower end, but also keeps the game accessible.

This is still a fun game, and we do not want to fault it for what they did here. Most slots do not vary all that much in the gameplay. But let it be said that the art is so good that the gameplay is left wanting to catch up to it.


+ Happy, festive, wonderful art style + Accessible + Inventive piñata style


- Standard gameplay


Popinata Slots is a joy to look at, and a decent game to play on top of that. Taking piñata designs to new heights we have never seen, you will not regret a single spin spent playing this game. The gameplay is a little stale, but the piñatas are filled with money, which more than makes up for it. We recommend players of all types giving Popinata Slots a try today. It will likely win you over as well, and give you some ideas for clever piñatas to have at your next big party.