Scuba Fishing Slots

On the surface, Scuba Fishing Slots may appear to be a simple game, however it still offers great returns for those looking to earn easy cash, while swimming through the deep blue sea. Online slots and the ocean? It may be a simple combination, but it's also a winning combination in our books!

Get Hooked On The Game

In fact, it is this very simplicity that makes the game so popular - It doesn’t have to carry complex multiple-round gameplay. Instead a solid basic game with a fun bonus offering is more than enough for most players to get hooked on.

Scuba Fishing Slots is a basic 3-reel slot machine with 27 ways to win, where all you're looking to do is have your scuba diver match icons in any place on all three reels to sink a prize dependant on the value of the captured fish - Two Sea Anemones are worth 8 coins. Starfish and Oysters pay out 12 coins. The Blue and Turquoise Fish are each worth 20, and a Puffer Fish gives the player a satisfying 30 coins. A Tuna Fish carries 80 coins and the top paying icon is is the Swordfish worth a hefty 200 coins when you reel it in. The Wild Shark symbol doesn't pay out any coins on its own, but can substitute for any other icon on the reels.

A Wild Bonus

Scuba Fishing Slots does not come with a classic bonus per se, but rather a fun re-spin feature. Respins are won when you land three Wild Shark icons on the center reel and when this happens, the center reel locks as the single great Wild Shark symbol. The player can now spin the other two reels where only a single icon or a blank space will appear, so you are guaranteed a win when respinning, where the value of the win depends on the value of the fish randomly chosen by the game, and can get you up to 7,500 times the original bet! This is where you really want to net those swordfish!

The Deep Blue See

Scuba Fishing Slots offers a range of colorful graphics and icons to immerse the player in the theme right from the get go and set the winning mood, with the uplifting soundtrack giving the the adventurous player a vibrant experience that doesn't distract from the serious job of exploring a treasure trove of decent wins.


Simple gameplay with an awesome bonus re-spin feature, Scuba Fishing Slots offers a decent experience for any player from casual to pro, and it lands a well deserved 4/5 fish on our scale.