Vegas Lux Slots

While Vegas Lux online slots from RealTime Gaming may appear to be a run-of-the-mill slot machine, with a basic theme and standard gameplay, there is a strong opportunity to gain some high rolling winnings for the patient player. After all, we did not just come here to have a great time - we're playing to win!

Let's Roll!

With a basic 5 reel system in place (set to a 3-4-5-4-3 symbol layout), Vegas Lux online slots gameplay will be all too familiar to the experienced player. The layout however offers a massive 720 ways to win, and when you couple this permutation with the Wilds (which often land in sets), you have the potential for some Big, Mega, and Huge wins to seriously increase your bankroll.

Patience is key to gameplay here, where the maximum bet is relatively low, but again this is due to the high level of permutations you can land with the standard symbols. Remember, the maximum payout here is a huge 1,320 times the bet! Look out for lucky Sevens as the highest paying symbol, supported by the Bradley Cooper lookalike Player, and the Showgirl as your highest paying symbols. The low paying symbols include the usual suits of Heart, Club, Spade, Diamond (not to be confused with the Diamonds Multiplier symbol), and Cherries.

It gets interesting when you land the Diamonds Multiplier where Diamonds wins are multiplied by the total bet. Of course you need Wilds, and as mentioned above, these often land in sets and really boost those paylines. The Free Games symbol is tricky to land as you have to get 5 in a row here, but when you do, you enter the Free Games feature and this is where those returns can start to pile up.

Big Win Bonuses!

The Free Games are exactly what they say on the box - they don't come out of your bankroll! In this game of low volatility and frequent small wins, the more free play you get, the better your chances of landing one of those big payouts. This player doubled his bankroll in 15 minutes of play on the second time around!


Though the game has been released in 2024, we do have to say the graphics are fairly standard fare, and the SFX are definitely inspired by almost every real world casino you've ever been to. The highlight is certainly the Bradley Cooper player, and we're still trying to figure out who the showgirl looks like.


Though the theme, graphics and SFX are not the most innovative out there, it's in the winning potential for the patient, conservative player that this game should at least be given a decent playing chance. 3 out of 5 Brads!