Wu Zetian Slots

Empress Wu Zetian helped China expand into new territories. Her role in Wu Zetian slots continues that dominance. Watch as she and several other symbols expand to take over entire reels creating huge combos and payouts.

Combos of Five Happen Regularly

One of the features in this bonus slot occurs with every spin. Two reels pair up and create giant symbols. With these giant symbols, you'll find combinations of five matching symbols happen regularly.

Payouts in the game vary from as much as 400x for the empress, as much as 200x for the emperor, and as high as 100x for the horse or warriors. These are the top three symbols. You can win up to 50,000x in one spin if you do well enough.

There's a wild pearl that can ensure you do well enough. It appears on the last four reels and can be a giant symbol for a 3 by 4 grid of spaces.

Lower-tier symbols include the gemstone and jade figurine for up to 80x, up to 40x for the gold items, and up to 40x for the lantern and flower.

Giant Symbols Appear in Free Spins

The gong triggers free spins when it appears at least three times in adjacent reels. Depending on the number on the reels, the bigger the giant symbol. If three gongs trigger the free spins bonus, you get three reels syncing up during those spins. If you have four or five gongs triggering this bonus, you get four or five reels syncing up.

You get five free spins. The giant symbols formed by the synced reels remain in play for every free spin. You'll find yourself easily winning thousands of coins in this bonus.

What wealth with she bestow on you? Play Wu Zetian slots and find out. Bets start at 0.1 and go up to 2.5 per line. With all 25 lines activated automatically, the most you'll ever spend is 62.50 per spin. Place your bet, spin the reels, and watch the money fall into your hands.