Dragon Orb Slots

Because of the wonderful, cinematic experience that is the TV show Game of Thrones, dragons and magic are back in the public consciousness. RTG has capitalized on this by releasing a 5 reel, 10 payline Progressive Slot that is steeped in fantasy and can be played for fun as well as for money. The symbols are Candles, Statue, Temple, Dragon Orb, Scroll, Vase and Lotus - as well as poker symbols.

The graphics are immensely good - the whole screen is awash in color and crisply-drawn game elements. Looking at Dragon Orb Slots in action is truly a visual treat in and of itself, and the in-game elements are a pleasure to behold and utilize on the path to financial success. For starters, a wild Re-spin gives you many more chances to win, and it also replaces any other symbol to help complete a winning payline.

Before we forget, it’s crucial to mention that the Wild symbols in this slot are Stacked Wilds, which make for a very good combination with the Multipliers that are also a part of the game. Get three Scatter symbols in any direction on the reels and obtain Free Spins and other bonus elements that serve to prolong the gameplay. And the longer the gameplay, of course, means you have more chances to win.

As an added plus, you can play Dragon Orb Slots on your Android or iOS mobile device; the game looks even better on those smaller, but still high resolution screens. Discover the many explosive and generous features that just might stack your bank account sky-high if you play the right way. This means betting on all the paylines, and managing the coin amount to keep your expenditures manageable. Actually, the coin size is ten cents here, and you can bet between one and five coins on each of the 10 paylines, so you do the math on that.