Halloween Treasures Slots

As soon as you open the door into the haunted house of wins that is Halloween Treasures from Realtime Gaming, this spook-tober themed, 5 by 3 reel, progressive jackpot, online slot machine, sneaks up on the player and grabs you with immersive gameplay, outstanding dividends, and a scarily riveting experience. Not just for Halloween, this creepily fun roll of a game is one you'll keep coming back to time and again, all year round.

No Tricks. It Plays a Treat.

At first glance, the number of winning options available to the player may seem daunting, but as you get pulled into the gameplay, you quickly learn the ins and outs, and quickly get to earning.

In fact, this game is a must for the strategic player. The many combinations of bet sizes, bet types, and bonus options gives what feels to be a limitless amount of ways to structure each bet and maximize your winning potential. Golden symbols, free spins, and wilds all come together to provide a great deal of spinning, winning, and fun, especially considering you could float away with 50,000 times your initial bet in just the base game alone!

The Halloween Treasures set of symbols are varied and uniquely identifiable. A Pumpkin, Dracula, Witches Hat, Candles and Potion are the most highly prized and can even be upgraded to Gold by the player for greater value, with standard royals below them, which all mix together in a huge cauldron of winning variations. On top of all this, you also get a Crypt, the Crystal Ball, and Tombstone Skeleton as your scatters and wilds.

Halloween Treasures plays left to right, and to win you just need to match symbols on adjacent reels. The wilds - the Crypt Door on reels two, three and four; and Tombstone Skeleton on reel three - make it even easier to unlock and increase all your winning combinations.

The only question you need to ask yourself is how many ways can you find to win?

Four Jackpots!

With all of that just in the base game, can the Halloween Treasures' jackpot system match up?

Of course! The four progressive jackpots, designated Mini, Minor, Major and Grand, are easily visible in the top right corner, and the numbers these quickly rack up will have you wide-eyed in no time! To win, all you need to do is reel in 12 magical coins anywhere on the 5 by 3 screen. Each coin represents a jackpot, and if you get three jackpot coins, that jackpot is yours!

A Dungeon of Dark & Delicious Design

The graphics and sounds of Halloween Treasures is right up there with the best, and it positively glows with the spooky essence of Halloween at the witching hour. The eerie soundtrack and SFX brings the orange and black theme to life… or back to life… or back to undead(?), and it's very clear a lot of effort went into the design of this deliciously dark and gorgeous game.


It's not often we come across such a beautiful, yet playable online slot machine, where Halloween Treasures shines through the mist with a superb range of winning options, and a hauntingly immersive winning experience. 6 out of 5 Jack-o-lanterns!