Polar Explorer Slots

If you are one of the handful of people in existence that have made it to the top of Mount Everest, or one of the slightly larger group of hopefuls that would love nothing more than to make an attempt, Polar Explorer Slots is a game with you in mind. Personally, we are terrified of the idea of climbing up the side of a snow capped mount with air so thin we might die. We get the appeal, however, and polar bears are pretty cute. If any of this sounds appealing to you, or you are interested in what might be called a sport, then you will likely love Polar Explorer Slots and all it has to offer.


Climbing up steep, cold mountains is the entirety of the game. Some people live their whole lives training for things like this, love arctic tundra, and own more snow gear than street clothes. Polar Explorer Slots is a love letter to you all. Admittedly we have no idea how popular things like this are. We do not indulge in it ourselves. But it is a smart niche to tap, as we cannot think of any other games like it on the market, and even if you are not into it at the moment, that will at least spark your interest in seeing what that kind of stuff is about.


Polar Explorer Slots is a decent game with a good budget. Whether you like the graphics, however, is a matter of personal taste. It is all professional drawn and rendered. Everything looks fairly decent. There is a stiff sort of realism tying it all together, however, which we personally are not the biggest fans of. Many people love this sort of style, so we cannot fault them for that. Still, it would have been nice to see something a little more light hearted, even if that meant there were a few less hairs rendered on the polar bear.

There is an odd contrast between the suits to match, some icons, and the portraits, however. The former feature black backgrounds, the latter being more colorful affair. It is not completely horrible looking, and in some ways might be intentional, but to us, it feels a little odd and breaks the unity a bit of what you are looking at.


This is where Polar Explorer Slots clearly tried. It has double the amount of jackpots present in most games, feature guarantee, and bonus rounds that keep things fun. It even has a feature called Explorer, Discover, and Hidden treasure, which make all of it play a little closer to a video game than a standard slot.

Everything else is fairly standard, but that right there is enough to keep things interesting. A 5 reel, 25 play line slot makes it play a lot like other games in many regards, but the little bits added here and there do go a long way to making it feel somewhat unique.


+ Niche theme + Nice gameplay bonus features and mechanics + Double jackpots + Feature Guarantee


- We are still afraid of ice climbing


Polar Explorer Slots is a nice niche game in a crowded market that plays well and manages to innovate, albeit only by a small increment. A lot of love clearly went into this game. If you are a fan of ice climbing and related things, then you will undoubtably love it, and call it your favorite slot of all time. If you are not, however, then you still make like it. The only way to find out is to give it a try, which the game is clearly worth.