Spirit of the Inca Slots

Spirit of the Inca Slots draws its inspiration from one of the most golden, wealth band of vaguely native looking people that the world has ever seen. Relying strongly on jackpot features to make up for some misgivings elsewhere, Spirit of the Inca Slots still manages to be fun to play, and accordingly, even more fun to win at.


The Inca had a great deal of money. Gold. Jewels. Trinkets. Gold. Lots and lots of things everyone playing slots would love to get their hands on with their winnings. This in and of itself make it a fitting promise for a slot game entirely intended to win you some money. While games set in ancient Rome are at times a little ham fisted when it comes to fit, the Inca here makes perfect sense as a backdrop.


This is a good looking game, despite some stiffness in the artwork that appears around the edges. Everything is expertly illustrated and rendered, whether it is the bags of jewels spilling out, the colorfully designed pots, or the beautiful assortment of trinkets that at times look to us like fishing reels. We are not entirely sure what some of the things featured are, but we know that in real life today they would fetch a very high price, so they serve a wonderful purpose.

The only thing we can fault about the graphics is that some of them feel a bit stiff. While they look good enough to be real, it is a sort of dry, dead realism at times, evidenced by the pose of the titular Inca holding the spear. There is not much force or tension to the art, so it does not come alive like something in a more stylized slot would.


The gameplay in Spirit of the Inca Slots is entirely focused on the many jackpots. These range from mini, minor, major, maxi, and grand, with the takeaway being that some are bigger and there are a lot of them. These only appear when you bet the full amount, which is 20 cents a playline. This is a compelling feature that we applaud them for, rewarding players with more chances to win if they are willing to take greater risks with the game.

The gameplay otherwise, while not bad, is still fairly standard. It is a 5 line slot with 25 playlines, the standard autoplay feature, scatters, multipliers, and things like that. We would fault the game for this, but it is a winning formula, and they did manage to give us more jackpots to work with. If we had to choose between playing a more innovative game and winning more money, we would choose the former any time.


+ Nice theme + Fitting premise + Well rendered graphics + There are 5 jackpots, which is great


- Drawing style is a little stiff - Gameplay is fairly standard otherwise


Spirit of the Inca Slots is a game that rewards players the longer they play, and for their willingness to take greater risks with how much they bet. While it may look a little stiff around the edges, all of it is very well done, and anyone would do well to give it a try. If only for the chance to win one of 5 jackpots—and potentially all 5 jackpots—Spirit of the Inca Slots manages to be a gem despite not trying to hard otherwise in its execution. If you like winning money, and the theme at all appeals to you, give this game a go and let us know how much money you won after the jackpots roll round.