Purrfect Pets Slots

Purrfect Pets Slots is a slot so cute that you might pause from time to time wondering if you are really playing a slot game. Featuring graphics so endearing that you will want to adopt them, and some clever gameplay tweaks to keep things interesting, what is on offer here will appeal to players of all types, preferably those that have a fond love of the cuter things in life. If this at all sounds like you, we recommend you give Purrfect Pets Slots a try today. What you see is what you get here, and it looks really, really cute.


Everybody likes cute things, and everybody likes pets. Purrfect Pets Slots combines these two loves in a fun way that will have anyone with half a heart smiling and saying “awe” a lot as they play. This is a great example of a game that takes vaguely associated things surrounding a central theme and cutifies them in ways that make your heart sing. Everything about this game looks really nice, and we appreciate the extra effort they put in to keep it from merely being a series of bland animals with big eyes.


This is a really pretty game, if you are a fan of cute. The colors are bright and almost pastel like, the characters are vivid and expressive, and everything about it seems carefully thought through to make it ‘pop’ in your mind and tickle your cute itch. They did not simple go through and make a bunch of puppies and kittens into a slot. They took the time to think up cute accessories, place them in cuddly looking positions and boxes, and give them personalities. This could easily pass as a low budget TV show with the quality on offer here, and you will appreciate that with every spin.

Even the UI looks cute and clever, tying well into the graphics, which most slots neglect to their detriment.


Although Purrfect Pets Slots is a 5 reel slot with 25 pay lines, it has few additional features that make it stand apart from the standard slot affair. The theme of cats vs dogs is present throughout, and figures into which are wild cards and which are scatters. Many things activate additionally themed features, such as the Wild Cat Feature earning you 10 free games with triple the prize amounts, as well as the Doggy Dollars Feature, which works similarly but has prizes doubled and lets scatter symbols count as wilds. We think this is fitting because dogs are better than cats, but that is just our informed and expert opinion.

The culminating feature can be randomly activated at the end of any game that did not trigger another: Cats vs Dogs. This lets players choose which feature to play, with the additional option of the Random Riches feature, which gets you up to 50 free games with doubled prize amounts.


+ Cute + Well done graphics + Nice choice of theme + Genuinely endearing bonus features


- Not much, unless you do not like cute things, in which case we do not like you


Purrfect Pets Slots is the cutest slot any of us have ever played, and the same will likely be true of you as well. Combining TV quality character designs and color work with inventive bonus rounds and a solid UI, this is a game that has staying power. You will find yourself coming back again and again, winning more and more money in hopes of buying one of these pups up for yourself. This is a great game we appreciate playing, and hope you will enjoy it as much as we did.