Return of the Rudolph Slots

Christmas is not the typical thoughts going through player's heads when they are sitting around playing slot after slot raking in the dough. Return of the Rudolph Slots manages to make it all relevant, however, will also being consistently endearing and hilarious on all fronts. Being both a parody as well as a cartoonish pile of money generating joy, Return of the Rudolph Slots is a rare gem that succeeds on more than just paying out. We cannot praise it enough, and hope for another sequel after players manage to run this one dry.


Everybody knows Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. Not like this, however. Return of the Rudolph Slots turns the classic Christmas character on its head, making him somewhat of a gangster bringing animal compatriots with him to take back Santa's workshop. It is a premise none of us knew we needed in our lives, but here it is, and we are happy. It is inventive enough to have its own accompanying film, and thankfully features graphics to match.


Although Disney still would be considered high in our hearts when it comes to illustration and animation quality, Return of the Rudolph Slots is easily on par with DreamWorks when it comes to presentation quality, which is nothing to sneeze at. Featuring top notch illustration work at every turn, each reel is filled with enough, will put a smile on your face, and never keep you guessing as to what everything is or how valuable it might be.

Everything is clean, clear, crisp, and colorful, making for a really nice experience that makes you feel better about how much money you will be blowing in pursuit of more.


The reels here are laid out in a 5 x 3 pattern, having twice as many play lines as the average slot with its own numbering at 50. This in and of itself is appreciated and enticing. The bets are accessible too, a spin being as little as .5 coins, topping out at 12.50 coins a spin.

A rescue mission carries over as a theme for the gameplay, trying to collect as many coins as you can to beat the thugs and take things back. In raw gameplay terms, that translates into standard scatters, thugs, free spins, and multipliers, but it feels more fun in this setting given the presentation and theme. Santa is here as well, featured in ways that make the gameplay a little more fun because you feel like you are helping him get out of a jam whenever you activate anything he is on.


+ Absolutely gorgeous + Wonderful theme + Consistently funny and entertaining


- Gameplay does not innovate all that much


Return of the Rudolph Slots is a high quality animated film's worth of content placed over a solid slot machine game that makes for a really enjoyable time that you will easily get lost in. A cut above the grand majority of slots on the market, Return of the Rudolph Slots feels and moves differently than low quality games in ways that make you feel good and assured by every additional coin you put into it. There is just something about the way this all comes together that is very compelling to us, and we found ourselves addicted to it despite how hard we tried. We recommend anyone with a heart, sense of humor, and desire to win money give this one a go. You definitely will not regret it, and the experience is akin to a modest budget animated movie affair in terms of how it all plays and looks.