Shark School Slots

Shark School Slots is a well produced game fit for an animated series, but graciously available to us all here in the slot world for our money winning pleasure. Combining a cute and humorous premise with top notch art work and solid game mechanics, Shark School Slots is a worthwhile game that the developers put a lot of heart and soul into. This shows throughout every pixel of the experience, and accordingly, is worth anyone’s time. We recommend everything give this one a try, even if you are not into fish, school, or cartoon character antics.


We have never seen a premise quite like Shark School Slots, which makes it memorable and fun. Turning a normal Revenge of the Nerds style school over the edge and into the water, the fish and shark themes go oddly well with the territory. We never thought we would be saying that, but here we are, and it all works very well. Everything about the game is tongue in cheek, adding to the already fun gameplay mechanics with each and every spin.


This is where most of the love went to with Shark School Slots, and there is nothing wrong with that. Each and every character and tile of this game is filled with expressive, colorful faces on fish that will have you subtly chuckling in the back of your mind, assuming you are not doing that overtly while playing. It is all crisp, clear, colorful, and vibrant, which makes for a fun time as the gameplay keeps rolling and the winnings begin to pile. Even the suits of cards to match on offer have a cute fishy letterman feel to them, which is a nice touch. It would have been easy to skimp out on that like so many shrimp, but it shows they went the extra mile and liked what they were doing.


A 5 reel slot with 50 play lines, the general presentation of the game makes for standard play, but that is not necessarily a bad thing. Multipliers go up to 39k times any line you bet on, which is very, very high for a game like this. We thoroughly appreciate that. Standard fair like scatter symbols and substitutions via the Teacher symbol come into play too, but none of this is out of the ordinary for any veteran slot player. New players alike will take to it quickly.

It would have been nice if there were a little more to it, but what is there works, and it works well. This makes for an accessible game that is focused on the visuals and the betting amounts, which is what a lot of players will likely prefer, as many slot innovations do not always pan out very well in terms of fun or pay outs.


+ Cartoon theme + Colorful palette + Solid gameplay mechanics + Amazing multipliers


- Gameplay is a little standard


Shark School Slots is a home run in most ways. Although it plays it fairly safe when it comes to gameplay, we cannot help but smile any time we see a fish dressed up as if they were people. We somewhat hope people copy this premise, and we see a full line of these games featuring dogs, cats, and mostly dogs, because dogs are better than cats. The love that went into this game shows through with every spin, and you will not regret a second that you invest into it. We recommend this game to players of all types, including those that are already jaded with the slot genre. You will likely find a certain sort of bliss in the simplicity and expressiveness of this game, which most slots tend to lack.