Small Fortune Slots

Small Fortune Slots takes an unlikely premise and classic gameplay to places you would never guess, all thanks to an endearing art style and premise. Taking on the role of a bug in ruining a picnic, Small Fortune Slots is a cute take on the slot genre that would be family friendly if the genre was not designed entirely around the idea of raking in lots of money in your leisure time. The end result is a game everyone can have a good time with, and only seems to become more cute the longer you spend with it. A downside of the game is that looking at it may make you hungry, but other than that, Small Fortune Slots is a good time that can be had by anyone in long and short bursts.


The title of the game is a play on words that informs everything else about it. While we may feel that a single picnic is nothing of note, to someone like an ant, it is a small fortune. This is the theme of Small Fortune Slots that permeates everything else about it. You are an ant hoping to strike it rich by eating any number of delicacies at the beck and call of the average family out together on a leisurely day. It all works surprisingly well, and we personally think that it is a surprising premise to find in a slot. It is more fit for an animated series than anything else, but we are not complaining that we get a chance to enjoy it.


This is where Small Fortune Slots shines. Everything about the game is crisp, clear, vivid, and inviting. It is hard not to look at it and smile. The colors are really great, the art style is professional grade, and we thoroughly enjoy everything we see when we look at this game. The choice of things to take a a picnic look authentically tasty too, right down to the watermelons and largely eaten apples. This is the main draw of the game, and will be a deciding factor in whether or not you enjoy your stay. We think you will.


Small Fortune Slots is a fairly standard 5 reel slot with 25 pay lines. The multiplayers max out at 7.5k times a bet per line, which is about average for the genre. Major and minor jackpots make an appearance here too, giving players more chances to win than average, as well as better chances of doing so on each. We personally felt like the chances of winning in this game are above average, but that may also be because we found ourselves playing longer because it all looked so tasty and inviting. Ant symbols and food are what you match throughout, as expected, so there is not much to talk about there. Everything else is standard, which is not necessarily a bad thing.


+ Wonderful art style + Good sense of whimsy + Very inviting + Vivid colors + Accessible + Dual jackpots


- Gameplay is a little basic


Small Fortune Slots is a game anyone can enjoy, so long as they are a fan of good times and food. It is unique by all measures, and we have never played a game with quite the same theme as this one. Even though we are not a big fan of bigs, we found the ants in the game endearing, and related to their love of food. Players of all skill levels will likely enjoy Small Fortune Slots. It does nothing innovative with the gameplay, but does all it does very well and with flare. Give it a try, and you will not be disappointed!