Monster Mayhem Slots

Monster Mayhem Slots is a fun take on an otherwise at times stale genre. Turning what would have been the premise for a fun B movie into a beautifully rendered backdrop supported by fairly solid gameplay mechanics, Monster Mayhem Slots is a fun, albeit familiar, game that pretty much anyone can enjoy. If you like things that are cute and cartooning, winning some money, and want something that has a bit of stylish flair, Monster Mayhem Slots was made just for you. Play it before something big, scary, and hairy comes and steals it away!


If you have ever seen Godzilla movies, King Kong, and related B movie affair, you have seen what Monster Mayhem Slots lovingly draws all of its inspiration from. Featuring police officers, damsels in distress, and various forms of wreckage, the game plays somewhat like Cloverfield in that you see a lot of the ill effects of a rampaging monster terror, but you do not ever really see what is doing all that rampaging. To the game's credit, this worked great in cinema, and it works just as well here. It gives it all a fun sense of looming urgency that always manages to remain fun and tongue in cheek.


This is a great looking game. It is not on par with some of the highest ends slots you will find, nor with a slot that is officially licensed from a feature film, but Monster Mayhem Slots still manages to pack a lot of love into its graphics. Each is beautifully rendered, bright, vivid, colorful, and expressive. Fire hydrants look like they are going to burst, newspapers have claw marks on them, helicopters look like they are heroically going to save the day, and of course the cartoon expressions on the faces of the characters is as endearing as you would expect.

This is a fun aspect of the game, and where it shines most.


The gameplay here is not bad, but it clearly is not the focus of Monster Mayhem Slots. While infinite love went into the graphics, the gameplay is still fairly standard.

That is not necessarily a bad thing. Even the most innovative slots still do not innovate all that much. But it should be said that this game mostly relies on the theme and the visual appeal, not in anything they attempted to do with how you are spending your time with it. Being a standard 5 reel slot, it does have 50 play lines, double the amount of progressive jackpots most slots have, and 25k coin wins. None of those things really stand out all that much from the competition, however, as fun as some of those elements may be in and of themselves.

We admit that having two progressive jackpots is nice. But by the nature of them, they are not so much additional features to the game as they are ways of making you feel like you might win more money. Betting does range from 50 cents to $50, however, which helps to make up for it a bit if you are willing to take greater risks.


+ Fun theme + Endearing graphics + Plays well + Accessible + High betting amounts


- Gameplay is standard


Despite what we went over above, Monster Mayhem Slots is a fun game, well executed, and a joy to look at. For players with a lot of money to put on the table, and those interesting in taking just as much in from that and double jackpots, Monster Mayhem Slots will be time well spent that you should start playing right this moment.