Naughty or Nice: Spring Break

Naughty or Nice: Spring Break Slots

Naughty or Nice: Spring Break Slots is what you get when you cross Santa Clause and Christmas things with boobs and butts. We never thought we would write that, but here we are, and this is the world we are living in. Coming with a Feature Guarantee and an odd mix of artwork, this is a slot that will scratch a certain itch for some players, and leave the rest of them out in the cold when it comes to the gameplay and graphics. If you like bikinis and Christmas, this game is made for you. The main issue with it is that as the year goes on, the theme feels out of place, and it may be off putting to some players from the get go.


Everybody likes Christmas. In many ways, it represents a lot of the concerns people have when playing slots, such as getting loot and spending it on nice things. Naughty or Nice: Spring Break Slots Takes this to an odd level, deciding to throw scantily clad women at that already nice situation, and place them on the beach. We are not entirely sure how they came up with this, but they did, and here we are. The game naturally does better with men and those attracted to the female form, with the Santa Clause trappings being odd to the point that you may wonder why they are even there, or why they are occurring in the sun.


Despite our gripes with the game, for the most part, Naughty or Nice: Spring Break Slots is a good looking slot. The illustrations are well done enough, the suits you match appear on playful beach balls - which is a nice touch. And the UI, while not great, is not as bad as most, either. The odd feelings we have for the game come from the juxtaposition of elements, not the rendering of the graphics. We are not being prudes when we say this, either. It just feels a little odd to combine them when they could have easily made a slot based around either Christmas or pretty girls, let alone setting the odd love child of that on the beach.

Still, the illustrations and graphics, are crisp, clean, colorful, and enticing, provided you are among their target audience.


Here, Naughty or Nice: Spring Break Slots does not try particularly hard to be innovative, which is fine. The point of the game is clearly in the premise, which is true of many a slot. Headlining features here are winning a dozen free games at a time, the standard scatters and substitutions you would expect, and the Feature Guarantee, which gives you an appreciated bonus round after a certain number of spins.

Pay lines are at 30 here, with bets going from a cent to $5, making this on the lower end monetarily, which makes it more accessible.


+ Art is well done enough + Feature Guarantee + Accessible betting amounts


- Odd mix of themes


We are still not entirely sure why they decided to combine Christmas and tits, but Naughty or Nice: Spring Break Slots has done just that, with their love child planted firmly on the beach. If you are a fan of the holidays, summer sunsets, and attractive busty women, then this is the slot for you. There unfortunately is not much going on with this game beyond that, however, which may limit its potential audience. If this sounds enticing to you, you are likely about who this game intends to target. For people like that, we can easily recommend giving this game a whirl, no matter the season.