Secret Symbol Slots

Secret Symbol Slots is an Aztec themed game with a well executed art style that manages to make it stand above the rest in terms of quality. Whether or not you are a fan of themes like these, you cannot help but appreciate what they achieved here, and it is very different than the other Aztec themed slots on the market. The gameplay is somewhat standard, but other than that, we feel they took a stale slot genre and breathed new life into it, which makes us feel good about playing it. Give Secret Symbol Slots a try today, and you will love the time you spend with it, as well as the money it brings you.


The Aztecs, gold, loot, and fancy things associated with it are the themes of Secret Symbol Slots. Everything about it is well crafted to that end, and it is all tied together quite tightly in that respect. They took extra care to craft a game that seems authentically Aztec, rather than a white washed version of the culture, which we also appreciate. This is a theme that has admittedly been done to death, but Secret Symbol Slots is likely one of the best renditions of it we have ever had the joy of playing.


This game is a joy to look at, which we thoroughly appreciate. The developers really outdid themselves with the visuals on Secret Symbol Slots, which pours over every single thing you will be frequently tasked with matching. The art style is clear, crisp, vivid, and colorful, which makes for compelling gameplay that does not feel as stale as it otherwise would. Special mention must be made about how authentically Aztec this all looks. They did not merely make it accurate, which to be perfectly honest we are not in a position to judge, but rather they made it all look like it was happening in the present and not an ancient culture. It is the difference between crackling Greek statues, and making them look brand new in all their glory when they were made. This touch is very endearing, and makes the game feel far more alive than others in the Aztec Space.


Here is where Secret Symbol Slots does little to innovate, which we cannot necessarily fault them for. It is a standard 5 reel slot with the usual number of pay lines. The minimum bet is 20 cents, maxing out at $5. This makes it on the lower end of slots, increasing its accessibility. Multipliers go up to 50k times your initial bet, which is above average. As far as winnings go, this makes for an enjoyable experience that we find to be a lot of fun when combined with the art style. If you are looking for innovation, however, you should keep looking. Despite how fun it is, and the free spins and bonus rounds, there is not much that stands out here, which is not necessarily a bad thing because the main point of these games is to win money.


+ Wonderful art + Best execution of Aztec imagery on the market + Accessible


- Standard gameplay - A little too low on the betting amounts


Secret Symbol Slots is probably the best Aztec slot you will find outside of Vegas, and maybe even better than the ones you would find there. With wonderful art, a great theme, and accessibly classic gameplay, we found ourselves having a wonderful time playing this game despite it not necessarily doing too much of note with the themes it uses. Everyone will likely find the game wonderful due to the art style, however, and for that reason, we recommend everyone giving it a try.