The Three Stooges: Brideless Groom Slots

You'll be laughing all the way to the bank when you play this legendary 5 reels, 33 paylines video slots game from the Real Time Gaming online gaming software provider. This game is based on the infamous slapstick treo from the early days of television. The Three Stooges were an American vaudeville and comedy team active from 1922 until 1970, best known for their 190 short subject films by Columbia Pictures that have been regularly airing on television since 1958. Their hallmark was physical farce and slapstick. In films, the stooges were commonly known by their actual first names. The Brideless Groom is the 101st short film released by Columbia Pictures in 1947 starring American slapstick comedy team The Three Stooges (Moe Howard, Larry Fine and Shemp Howard). The comedians released 190 short films for the studio between 1934 and 1959. Brideless Groom features a sequence with Christine McIntyre who portrays Miss Hopkins, a woman whom Shemp actively pursues for his wife. Unfortunately, she mistakes him for her cousin Basil. After learning her mistake, she takes it out on poor Shemp by slapping him silly, then finally punching him through her door. Brideless Groom is one of four Stooge shorts that fell into the public domain after the copyright lapsed in the 1960s (the other three being Malice in the Palace, Sing a Song of Six Pants, and Disorder in the Court). Now you can relive this amazing era of television in this realistic 5 reels video slots game that come with loads of features and chances to get winning combinations.! The setting of the game takes place on a classic old movie set and stage with all the props for a slap stick comedy show. Once the curtain goes up the show will start and next thing you know the Three Stooges will be spinning with those reels and the winning combinations will be coming your way. At the top of the game you will see the Three Stooges Brideless Groom logo on the left in a nostalgic typeface. Then it's right to the symbols on the reels and all the familiar faces and items you would enjoy from the original shows designed with classic and real photos of all the Three Stooges including: Alcohol and Jug, Book, Bouquet, Cash, Larry, Marriage Certificate, Moe, Shemp, Suitcase, The Three Stooges Logo, Wedding Cake and Wedding Rings. The Three Stooges Brideless Groom Logo is the wild symbol and the Wedding rings are the scatter symbol. Below the reels you will see all the controls to play and manage the game. After all you are the new director and you get to show them how to win. One thing about this game is that you can select the speed of the reels with a convenient speed selector button. There is also a lines selector button, auto play for when you want to let the game do all the spinning while you relax in the director's chair. Then there is is the bet amount, win amount and the spin button. This game comes loaded with tons of special effects, animations, music, sounds and gameplay that will take you back to the nostalgic shows of the Three Stooges. There are lots of coin sizes to play with so you can plan your strategy starting with: 0.01, $0.02, $0.05, $0.10, $0.25, $0.50, $1.00, $2.00, and $5.00. The maximum bet in this game is $8.25. Now all you need to do to start the show is sign up for an account, make your deposit and collect your bonus. Next thing you know it's time to start the show!

Download, Instant Play or Mobile Devices

Take your seats the show is about to begin. The Three Stooges are coming out soon but first you must decide how you want them to perform. You can choose to download this game onto your computer so you have it on your desktop at anytime. Or you can select the instant play option and play the game in your browser. On your way to Hollywood to see the show live? No problem, this game can be played on any mobile device including iPhones, iPads, Samsung smart phones, tablets, Windows devices, Androids or even Blackberries. You still get all the great graphics that look amazing on any mobile device. It's like having a vintage slapstick movie in your pocket with chances to win lots of cash.

The Three Stooges Brideless Groom Slots Jackpots

Once this show starts it will be your time to cash in with all the jackpots this game has to offer. This game was designed with lots of them, so you have lots of chances to win big. Are you ready? Action! The third jackpot is 99 coins or $24.75 for 4 Certificates of Marriages and then there is the second jackpot that is 133 coins or $33.25 for 4 Larry icons or for 4 Moes for 4 Shemps. Go for the highest jackpot is 333 coins or $83.25 for 4 The Three Stooges Logos. The second round of jackpots start with the third jackpot is 133 coins or $33.25 for 5 Cakes or for 5 Suitcases and for 5 Notes, for 5 Bouquets, for 5 Shemppagnes. The second jackpot is 333 coins or $83.25 for 5 Larrys or for 5 Shemps and for 5 Moes, for 5 Certificates of Marriage, for 5 Money Heaps And then the highest jackpot is 3,333 coins or $833.25 for 5 The Three Stooges Logos. Now you're ready for the second act for this game: The Three Stooges Brideless Groom Slot Bonus Game and The Three Stooges Re-Spins! They are activated when Stooges cover at least one middle reel. You can get 3 extra Free Spins if you cover 2 reels with wilds. When Stooges gather on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th reels, hold out for Stooge Picks Bonus. Well, your prize would be unexpected. Whacky Wilds, Free Games or Multipliers? What are you looking for? Choose TV sets which broadcast your award. Three Stooges Logo is the grouped wild, it will substitute for any regular symbol which will be out in the winning way. The wilds of muscle will raise the top jackpot, no icon is emulous of The Three Stooges Logo. Please be aware that there is no way you escape winning scrapes. If you don't mind to get into them, keep to the grouped wilds. The Three Stooges Brideless Groom Online Slots Scatter Symbol will trigger a lot of winning combos. If you care about the future happy prizes, you should do it to get over that! When you catch 5 Wedding Rings, you can begin to be appalled by the prospect before you. But wait, it is the scatter only! Moreover, you will multiply your reward by 333 times and that's all great to win all that cash. With the Bonus Game Pick you have found 2 broken hearts. It seems you should be happy, but it also means the end of the entertaining bonus feature. Chase all fear to turn Shemp, Larry and Moe into wilds. Leap at all good slots from RTG to dig up the phantom-rewards which weren't grabbed by your in another gambling life. The Three Stooges Re-Spins! They are activated when Stooges cover at least one middle reel. You can get 3 extra Free Spins if you cover 2 reels with wilds. When Stooges gather on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th reels, hold out for Stooge Picks Bonus. Well, your prize would be unexpected. Whacky Wilds, Free Games or Multipliers? Choose TV sets which broadcast your award as the Three Stooges Brideless Groom is part TV show, part online slots adventure. If you're in the mood to pretend like you're watching a classic television show. Overall, this video slots game is a lot of fun to play and comes with some really great features. Between the wilds, scatters, bonus games, jackpots, multipliers and free spins this game not only brings you lots of chances to win, but will entertain you for hours too. If you have any questions about this Three Stooges video slots game, just cast the customer service staff into the show and they will be like a director's personal assistant. Play Now!