Mice Dice Slots

Most women – and quite a few men – run and scream when my show up in the house; after all, you certainly don’t expect them there. This is not a reason, however to stay away from software King RTG’s Mice Dice slot; it has got 5 reels and 25 pay lines of fun just waiting for you at this online casino gaming spot. It in within the reels of the game are random jackpots, wild symbols, free spins, a feature guarantee and a win-win-win feature. You can either pay for three or play for money; in the latter you simply pick a coin size from 1/10 of the credit to a full credit as well as the number of lines you wish to play between 1-25. That means your wagers can be a modest 0.25 credits of the low end and a full 25 credits on the highest and for each spin. There is a catch here however; in order for the Guarantee Free Spins feature or the Win-Win feature to be activated, you do need to play more than the minimum amounts – check the rules inside the game to figure out just how many credits you need to put down on each spin to get access to these special features.

The actual symbols in the game are funny looking and zany. There is a windup toy car, a strangely-name Catsino, a Butler with the face of the dog, a lady with the face of a female dog, poker symbols and others soon to be encountered once you download the game and play. Before you do this, you should be aware of what the two most important symbols in the game are worth your time. The wild is a dog casino dealer and it's replaces other symbols to complete a pay line for the win. Five such dog dealer symbols guarantees you 2500 credits, were asked four of the same guarantees you 500 credits, three of these guarantees you 100 credits and two of them guarantees you a modest 10 credits.

As for the scatter symbol any wins that come courtesy of its appearance are multiplied by the bet. Furthermore, five of the Catsino scatter symbols guarantees the 250 credit win, four of them a 25 credit win and three of them a two credit win. The unfortunately dog-faced Butler is worth a pretty penny however; five of a kind guarantees a 1500 credit win, four of a kind a 250 credit win, three of a kind a 50 credit win, and two dog Butler's a five credit win. The lady with the mink coats icon is also good for a high in credits. Five elegant dog lady icons guarantees a 1000 credit win, four of her a 125 credit win, three of her a 20 credit win, and two of her five credit delivery.

The rest of the symbols or rather low-paying and you can find out there worth by checking into the game. Download Mice Dice Slot to experience this is a new venture at no cost in the free mode, or with the chance to win some real cash in the real money mode.