Sherlock Holmes Slots

Everybody knows Sherlock Holmes, but few people would expect to put him into a game to make something like Sherlock Holmes Slots. Despite the seemingly ill fitting nature of the central premise, it actually manages to work, however. Featuring Arthur Conan Doyle’s best work alongside ample chances to strike it rich, Sherlock Holmes Slots works decently well on many levels in ways that all add up to a pretty solid experience. Being a film licensed game, the production values are also top notch, as are the welcome appearances of the film’s leading actors, such as Robert Downey Jr. Anyone that is a fan of the source material, money, or looking for something a little different than the standard slot would do well to pick up Sherlock Holmes Slots and give it a try.


Sherlock Holmes Slots is based on the world famous and seemingly timeless detective stories that went on to influence genres of storytelling in every medium known to man. Here, however, a film based on the stories is where the slot draws inspiration from, being one of the few licensed slots on the market. Whether this works for you or not may depend on how big of a fan you are of Robert Downey Jr., but we like him, and think you should too. He’s pretty great, and is also Iron Man, which is many times more more than most of us will ever accomplish in our entire lives.


Drawing its source material from a film license, stills and assorted elements from a high budget Hollywood film are what litter Sherlock Holmes slots at every turn. Largely composed of photos and related things, if you have seen the films or a trailer, you know what you are getting into with this slot.

Our only complaint is that with a film of this caliber, there were many more things they probably could have included from it. That is part of the challenge of licensing agreements, however, so we can understand why they may have left certain things out.


This is where Sherlock Holmes Slots really shines, being one of the few innovative slots on the entire market. Playing two 3x5 grids independently, you likely have not played a slot quite like this. Everything else about the game is fairly standard, such as matching things for multipliers, free spins, and scatter symbols, but when combined with the novelty of the layout and the strength of the license, it manages to feel a bit new in a genre that has at this point all tend to look largely the same.

A wealth of bonus games will come up during free spin opportunities, which add a little variety to the experience as well. These are the Gypsy Party, Stag Party, Treachery on the Tracks, and the titular Game of Shadows. Each of these involves matching different symbols for big rewards, with each being relatively similar, but different enough to keep things interesting. Not that they were not interesting enough given the license.


+ Great license + Robert Downey Jr. + Innovative layout


- Not much, it is pretty great


Most licensed slot games can be hit or miss. Here, however, Sherlock Holmes Slots is a home run on most levels. Drawing on the strength of a big budget, Hollywood film, it combines innovative layout mechanics with things that have been tried and true in the slot genre for years. Everything about this game shines, including some of the pieces you will be matching on the reels. There is not much to dislike about this slot, and we have a hard time putting it down.