Orc vs Elf Slots

Orc vs Elf Slots is a wonderful game with stylized graphics that will have any fantasy fan wanting more. Using 3d renderings and innovative gameplay mechanics, this slot manages to stand out in feeling more like a video game than a slot in some ways, which is welcome. Whether you are a fan of money, elves, or just want to try something startlingly different than the standard fair you are used to, we recommend giving Orc vs Elf Slots a try. It is a game like few others in the genre, and will have you coming back for just more spin, time and again.


The premise of Orc vs Elf Slots is basically Tolkien. If you are familiar with Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit, then you have seen very similar things that you will encounter here. Featuring pretty much identical imagery to the franchises his work went on to inspire, Orc vs Elf Slots is here to fill a void present in the slot world until someone decides to make another officially licensed slot of those works.

Despite all of that, it does what it intends to well, and never manages to feel cheap or like a rip off.


A lot of time and effort clearly went into Orc vs Elf Slots. The production values are through the roof. While not quite on par with the films that the source material went on to inspire, the game still looks really, really good, and we thoroughly appreciate what all went into this game. Everything has been 3d rendered, textured, and lit to look very dramatic and nice. The graphics are clean and appropriate, and everything is colored in such a way to make it feel rustic in a medieval fantasy sort of way. This is the main draw of the game, the time and budget all clearly went into it, and it all ended up working very well.


Thankfully, Orc vs Elf Slots took the time to innovate here too, not spending all of their money on solely the graphics. You essentially pick different characters to play as, as well as different ‘paths’ to take, which determine how your slot going adventures will play out. None of them are startlingly different, but it is still a nice touch, and makes the experience feel like more than a standard slot machine affair you would typically find in the genre. Combined with the graphics, and you can easily be forgiven for thinking you are playing a regular video game at times.

It still happens on a 5 reel setup with 25 play lines, but the 14 feature games go a long way here to making it all feel fresh.


+ Expertly done visuals + Innovative gameplay mechanics + Wonderful them + Very different than most other slots


- Orcs are inherently ugly


This is a game we really like. Orc vs Elf Slots excels on most levels, and does not leave much to be desired in how it all plays out. They did a really good job here, giving us production values and mechanics on par with mainstream video games, and drew on source material that is well loved. We cannot recommend this game enough. We are admittedly fans of the source material, but so are most people. If you are not, you will likely still enjoy winning money in this game too, or possibly come to see the light of why people love the themes and character designs involved so much. It is a great genre that sorely needed filling in the slot world. Give Orc vs Elf Slots a try today, and you will not be disappointed.