Regal Riches Slots

Regal Riches Slots is here to give the rest of us a chance to experience what it would be like to be one of the royal family, living a luxurious life of riches and lavish spending. In slot form, of course. It is a fitting theme for a game intent on making you rich, and on the whole, it comes together well enough. It is a little rough around the edges, and not everything about it seems to harmonize very well, but it is still a solid effort that is well worth the time of any slot fan. If you have ever wondered or idolized the royal family, or have instead taken to loathing them, you will still likely enjoy what Regal Riches Slots has to offer.


The premise here is built into the title for all to admire and see. Regal Riches Slots casts you as one of the royal family, along with all that it entails. Few people could ever hope to live a life as luxurious as a king or queen, but that is somewhat the dream of anyone playing lots of slot games, making it a fitting choice. To avoid potential issues, the theme is a general one and not targeted at any specific royal family or period, but it all comes off as vaguely medieval, and will entice anyone that is a fan of that period.


Here is where Regal Riches Slots is a mixed bag. They clearly put a lot into it, that is not at issue. It all looks professionally done by a competent illustrator, albeit not on par with the top tier slots that are now available on the market today. Where things get a little wonky here is with how it all harmonizes together.

Although you can clearly distinguish what is going on in every frame, and why you might care, many of the pictures you are tasked with matching look like they are from different games. There is a sharp distinction between the black set of tiles, and the rest, which all have a more portrait like look to them with more vibrant backgrounds. Whether this was an intentional design decision or not is unclear. What is clear, however, is that it makes for a wonky sort of look in an otherwise very pretty game. If they had added in backgrounds to the dark pieces, or nixed the backgrounds on the lighter colored affair, it would all look a lot better. As it stands, however, it is an odd choice.


Regal Riches Slots does not play around here, offering two jackpots and a chance to multiply your bet for each line by 25k. This is huge, and cannot be overstated. Aside from that, it is a fairly standard 5 reel, 25 play line slot, which is not a bad thing by any measure. It is tried, true, and tested, much like the theme of the rest of the game.


+ Nice theme + Nice art + Colorful look here and there + Huge multipliers + Accessible


- Gameplay is a little standard - Art style is somewhat disjointed


Regal Riches Slots is a nice slot with a fitting theme that does not try too hard beyond enticing you with riches to keep you playing. There is nothing wrong with that, however, and it makes for a fairly solid experience. If you can get over a slightly disjointed look to the reels, you are in for a good time, and although we have harped on that a lot, that is more of a minor criticism in the grand scheme of things. Give Regal Riches Slots a try, and you will not be disappointed.