Super Diamond Mine Slots

Super Diamond Mine Slots
Super Diamond Mine Slots is a game that will hit home for anyone that’s interesting in striking it rich by happening upon a chance opportunity they have to strike at again and again. Using a fitting and unexpected theme to tie everything together, Super Diamond Mine Slots is a fairly average slot game with production values amounting to the price of a Latte. Despite that, however, it is still a fairly competent game for what it is worth. If you can get over the fact that it does not look like they put much effort into this game, you will find an experience that it not entirely a waste of your time. It is just hard to recommend this game over the countless others on the market that manage to do pretty much everything this game does but better but a very wide margin.


Everybody is familiar with gold mines, but few realize that there are countless diamond mines out there filled with gems so valuable that they could make all the gold in the world look like chump change by comparison. Happening upon one of these and trying to mine out the gems within it is how Super Diamond Mine Slots is all tied together. It is a refreshing premise in that it is not one we have seen too often on the slot circuit. At the same time, however, it really is not reflected all throughout the game. Mines and related elements certainly make an appearance, but so do standard slot tropes like the bar symbol. It would have been very easy to have a bunch of diamonds of all kinds here, and it would have been a lot more fitting. It is a wonder why they did not do that, which is how we feel about a lot of this game.


Super Diamond Mine Slots is not a very pretty game. It appears as if they blew all of their budget on the cover for the game, as the gameplay graphics themselves leave a lot to be desired. You will likely find better graphics on the average flash game from the 90s. Things just barely look like they are supposed to, none of it is at all well rendered, and they even managed to rely on standard slot tropes to pad out the visuals in puzzling ways. We have no idea why they bothered to use the bar symbols in a game entirely themed with diamonds. It would have been so easy to make more diamonds in the game. It is literally the name of the game. And the lack of that reflects how we tend to feel about most of this.


Gameplay mechanics are where Super Diamond Mine Slots shines, which is not saying much. A 5 reel game with the standard number of play lines, there is not much about this game that you have not seen before. The dynamite meter is clever, the explosion of which triggers a bonus round. None of it looks all that enticing, however, which renders a lot of it moot.


+ Clever gameplay additions + Well chosen theme


- Almost zero production values - Does not do anything all that well - Nothing about it really stands out in any way


Super Diamond Mine Slots is not a bad game, but it is an underwhelming one in the slot world considering all of what else is on offer to play. We feel bad putting it down so much as we review it, but there is not much that went into this game, so we do not feel as bad as we could. Give it a try and see what you think, but do not go in with high expectations.