Ocean Oddities Slots

Ocean Oddities Slots is a fun little cartoon slot game that looks like a cross between Sponge Bob and Ren and Stimpy. For those players old enough to remember the latter, you will not find the same sort of humor present here as you would in that show, but you will find endless amounts of charm. With cute, expressive graphics, solid gameplay mechanics, and a nice color pallet present throughout, Ocean Oddities Slots is a low budget game that we can recommend to players of all kinds, assuming you like winning money and are into having fun. If that does not describe you, you are not invited to our birthday party, and we cannot be friends.


Ocean Oddities Slots has a premise that is somewhat hidden within the graphics. The fact that it takes place under water is obvious, but the main thread tying it all together is that under the ocean, there is a lot of crazy colorful crap down there that is kind of cute. It is kind of weird to think about, but it worked for Sponge Bob, and it works here too. This is reflected in every facet of the game, which is well appreciated, and gives it all a certain sense of enthusiasm that is mildly contagious.


Despite being a low budget game, Ocean Oddities Slots still manages to look pretty damn great. Everything is very colorful and expressive, nothing about it feels at all still, and just looking at some of the UI can bring a smile to your face. It is not expertly drawn or rendered, but it is rendered and drawn with an obviously large helping of love to it.

This is seen all throughout everything on display. The iconic little shark dog looks cute enough to hug. The suits of playing cards all have an edgy and fun sort of design to them that is kind of quirky and not at all boring or standard like most in the genre. And even the UI looks like it was made by someone with a permanent smile plastered all over their face. The colors, rendering, and execution are all very well done, and we like it quite a bit. It is like a very, very low budget cartoon made by someone that really, really cared about what they were doing.


This is where the game is pretty average, which is not a bad thing. A 5 reel slot with 25 play lines, you have played games like this before, and you will surely play games like this again. The main draw is winning up to 10 free games—which is a little more than average for the genre—and of course, the double jackpots. These are not all that common, and are a welcome addition here. You will be matching suits of cards, the lovable shark dog, and the king fish, but you probably already figured that.

It is also very accessible, with bets ranging from a penny to $5.


+ Really, really cute + Expressive artwork + Endearing + Lots of love went into the presentation + Double jackpots


- Not that innovative on the gameplay front


We really like what they did with Ocean Oddities Slots. They took a budget the size of my hand and made a fun, heart warming cartoon adventure theme with it that wraps around a competent slot intended to win you money through double jackpots and a fair portion of free games. Nothing about this game is really all that inventive, but the character present in the artwork more than makes up for it and will draw you in. Give it a try, sign up for a spin, and let us know what you think!