Ninja Star Slots

Ninja Star Slots is a fun game with a neat theme that despite low production values manages to feel clever and fun. You can tell this is a very low budget game, but there is a certain amount of charm to it that keeps things interesting. The gameplay is pretty standard, and nothing about it is ground breaking or innovative, but we still like the way it all game together, and consider it to be competent at what it does. If you are a fan of ninjas, money, or things vaguely Asian, give Ninja Star Slots a try.


Ninjas! Everybody likes ninjas. Or so the developers of Ninja Star Slots likely believe. Fortunately, they are indeed correct. Although it is not as flash as some of the more recent renditions of them that you would find in high end animated series such as Naruto, Ninja Star Slots takes things back to the corny Halloween costume roots of the genre. Something about this is very endearing and child like, and somewhat puts a smile on our face when we play it.

The premise is ninjas, as thought up or intended for a cute, and its kinda cute.


The production values of Ninja Star Slots are clearly very low. Unlike other slots that fall into this trap, however, it still manages to be fun to look at and pleasant. Something about the way the graphics are rendered is very cute. And although nothing about it really stands out all that much, it is still easy to read, clear enough, and fun to look at. We do not usually like low budget visuals in slots, but here, they managed to do a good job with what they have. There is even an ominous shogun place in the background, which is a nice touch.


Ninja Star Slots is fairly standard here. It has 5 reels and 25 play lines, which is what pretty much every slot has. As you would be used to by now, you can match ninjas, kanji symbols, and standard playing card suits. The latter of which is a somewhat odd choice considering they could have easily just used more kanji symbols, but it still works well enough and we will not fault them for it.

The main draw here are the three levels of reward you can get for playing, and two sizable jackpots in play that can be won at almost any moment if you are ninja enough to grab them. During free games, prizes are even tripled, making for a somewhat fast paced and exciting state of play that you do not find in a lot of slots of this kind. It is also very accessible, with bets ranging from a penny to $5.


+ Cute theme + Double jackpots + Well executed despite the budget + Accessible + Oddly endearing


- Standard gameplay


It is a rare thing for us to look at a game with a budget on par with the price of a sandwich, and say nice things about it. What they pulled off with Ninja Star Slots is different, however. Despite all that is seemingly stacked against this game, it still manages to be cute, fun, endearing, and enjoyable, even on par with many slots that cost many orders of magnitude more to produce. It uses ninjas as its theme in a way that is very childlike and familiar, which may hold part of its appeal. Nothing about it is over the top, all of it is very humble, and they way it comes together will have you coming back for more. Give Ninja Star Slots a try, and let us know if you like old school ninjas as much as we do.