Panda Magic Slots

Panda Magic Slots is an endearing game with a breathtaking art style and sense of visual direction that will have you wondering if you are not playing the next officially licensed game for a feature film. Everything about this game is well created and filled with love, making it hard not to smile every time you look at it. Combine this with solid gameplay mechanics, and you have a slot everyone is sure to enjoy, regardless of your age. We cannot recommend Panda Magic Slots enough, and think everyone should give it a try, if only to appreciate just what they did here and how well it all came out.


If you have ever seen Kung Fu Panda, you can imagine what to expect here. Although the theme is very, very different, the basic premise is the same: a colorful cast of cartoon characters come together in an unlikely way around a traditionally serious theme, in this case witch craft and wizardry. This makes for an art style that would work perfectly well for a feature film, and allows many inventive things to match that make it far more interesting to look at than the grand majority of other slots. We really like what they did here, and although it is unexpected, it all works very well throughout every nook and cranny of it.


This is the main draw of Panda Magic Slots, and there is no shame in that. Taking magic and witchcraft as the theme, it all comes together with wonderfully illustrated tiles that each look like concept art for an animated film. Whether it is the owl reading a book or the mushroom with a wand or the various magical trinkets, everything about this game was expertly illustrated and we love it. We are typing this with a smile as we look at it, and we feel most people will react similarly to it. Something about it all is just so cute and inviting, which stands out even more in a genre where many slots are anything but.

The colors, the drawings, and even the UI are all top notch. They are clear, crisp, vivid, and colorful, and with an expressive quality to it all that you do not usually see in games of this type.


Everything about Panda Magic Slots is standard here, but that is not necessarily a bad thing. There is something to be said for a well executed classic that makes you think twice about how everything else in the genre is being done. The Panda Magic Feature and More Magic Feature are both standouts, but admittedly not by much. This is a 5 reel, 25 pay line slot at its core, and if you go into it knowing that, you will have a good time.

If you were expecting a bit of wizardry in how it all plays out, however, then you may be disappointed.


+ Great art style + Beautifully rendered + A joy to look at + Inventive theme + Top quality UI + Everything about this game is done with love + Accessible


- Gameplay is somewhat standard


Panda Magic Slots earns a place in our heart for being a great looking game with infinite heart to it that will make you smile whenever you give it a glance. The only real downside to the game is the somewhat standard gameplay. For some, this may be a good thing, as at heart all slots are about winning money. If you were looking for innovation in this department to go along with the art budget, however, you will be left wanting. We still think this is a great slot, and recommend everyone give it a try.